Monday, July 31, 2017

These are a few of my favourite things....

Our highlight today was going on...The Sound of Music Tour!

We had the chance to visit the house (this was the house they used for the back scenes):

and the gazebo used for the outside shots:
(the actual inside shots were filmed in a larger gazebo in a studio so they could get the camera in)

and then we drove past the Abbey (still currently in use):

Then we saw beautiful scenery on our way to the town of Mondsee where the church is where the wedding of the Captain and Maria was filmed.

Then we wandered around Mondsee for an hour:

and we stopped for ice cream:

and then we went back to where we started and checked out a few locations in the gardens from the Do-Re-Mi song:

including the steps:

and the statues:

and the fountain:

What an amazing tour!

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