Saturday, July 8, 2017

Starting and Ending the day with screens

I happened to get up at 4:15am this morning at noticed that Kiandra had texted. Surprised I was awake, she asked if I could Facetime her and so I got up and had the chance to talk to Kiandra for about an hour. She toured me around the camp, showed me her classroom, and recapped the last few days. What a blessing to hear from her. She is awesome.

Then I went back to bed as she left to go for lunch ;)

Kezia and I did some errands and then I dropped her off at a friend's house because a few friends were driving out to watch 3 of the "7 sisters" get baptized. I came home, started supper, and then stalked my Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-law's flight so that I could pick them up at the airport. I picked them up and then invited them to come for supper after their long 2 week vacation. 

Then as Conrad and I turned in for the night, I took a peek at the local news website and sure enough...Kezia and I made it on to a news story about hot vehicles and leaving pets and children. The news reporter had stopped us in the Superstore parking lot to interview us and get our thoughts. It was online by the evening:

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