Friday, July 28, 2017

On my way!

Shortly after Kiandra got accepted to the camp in France as an English counsellor she said to me: "Mom, last time you couldn't come visit me when I was finished nannying because you had school but this time you could totally come!"

and I totally could...and really wanted to. Conrad said that I should and so I booked it.

Kiandra finishes her commitment to the camp today and I am meeting her at the Paris airport in the morning tomorrow. This morning I was all packed up and ready to go:

first I flew to Montreal:

and then my long "overnight" flight to Paris. This was my supper menu:

and it was actually pretty good:

Even though the flight was technically overnight, because we landed at 5:50 am the time back home was not really late enough for me to be tired on the plane. It will be a LONG day tomorrow!

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