Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!!
Hello first day of campers for Kiandra
Hello first day of campers for Kezia and Kaden
Hello "staff'" shirts

Hello out the door at 7:04am

Hello early start to my day too. 

Hello chalk board sign ready to be lettered
Hello first attempt, second attempt, third
Hello good thing chalk board sign and not Sharpie sign
Hello taking my time

Hello morning gone
Hello sign completed
Hello approved by the Groom and the Bride
Hello 6 days until wedding day.

Hello errands
Hello baking and cooking
Hello preparing for next week

Hello breakfast for supper
Hello bike ride for 3 after supper
Hello tired Kaden staying home

Hello Gelati place closed on Mondays
Hello new plan
Hello fast ride home with ice cream in Kezia's basket
Hello Monday


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