Thursday, July 13, 2017

Date Day and Night!

Conrad's been working the last few Thursdays to bank some extra time off in December and so this is the first Thursday he has had off in what seems like forever. With Kiandra in France and Kezia and Kaden at the day camp sleepover and only finished their day after the evening BBQ, it was a day for just two of us. We slept in (a little--neither of us are good at that any more) and then started the day with a mobile Starbucks order so Conrad could earn his gold star status ;)

and then it was errands:

Bank to deposit, and get US$ and Euro:

Then a stop to pick up this recommended medication:

Then travel insurance:

Then a stop to cash in my gift card to buy a Grade 1 recommended doughnut:

and I even bought some for the kids for their lunch tomorrow:

We had a few items on our "to buy" list which we found at the mall:

and then we stopped for lunch...and used up another gift card from a generous grade 1 friend:

and finally, we ended our day at a museum. When we arrived we met friends who had received a free drink and she gave it to me:

At the museum, we had two hours to explore before we attended a "debate" about Human Rights: by design or default.

 It was very interesting as a Christian and an atheist discussed the topic of Human Rights.  

and then "date day and night" was at its end. I LOVE this guy:

When we got home just after 9:30 our tired day camp staff were already sound asleep after their busy 2 days.

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