Tuesday, July 11, 2017

by 8:48 am...

...I had made lunches for Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden. (My gift to my kids this summer is packing their lunches for day camp)

...watched Kezia and Kaden head off for day 2 of day camp

...caramelized onions to make hummus.

...planned out my meals for this week and changed my menu board:

...made a shopping list of things to have on hand for next week for easy suppers and lunches.

...located and sent off the documents that Kiandra needed for her Australian visa.

...ordered Kaden 4 pairs of jeans online (when you find 29/30 x 36 inseam jeans -already a challenge- on sale for $29 -regular $64.99- you buy them!)

...messaged a friend with Kaden's size that the above mentioned jeans were on sale.

...recommended a Gluten Free muffin recipe that I tried yesterday to the above friend.

...texted with a friend (also an early riser!) about States prices on school supplies and life.

Not a bad list of accomplishments and wasn't even 9:00 am!

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