Saturday, July 29, 2017


Breakfast on the plane:

Kiandra made her way to the airport from the hostel where she spent the night. It was a good thing she didn't plan to meet me when I plane landed because I spent 90 minutes in the customs line! Finally...we met up near the arrivals is a HUGE airport and I'm thankful we were able to connect so easily:

We spent some time deciding what to do since it was still so early in the day. We attempted to walk to our hotel but quickly realized that the size of the airport and the lack of usable sidewalks was going to make it an impossible task. We found a shuttle that took us to our hotel and the hotel kept our luggage for the day so that we didn't have to lug it all around with us. 

There was a mall not far from our hotel and so we went to have crepes for lunch:

and then we did some shopping--including some grocery shopping for snacks:

Kiandra has a favourite pair of jeans that she got in France last year. She was able to find that store at this mall and bought another two pair and a shirt:

On the way back to our hotel, we took the bus that we had used to get there but we weren't REALLY watching where our hotel was. There are a few hotels with similar names and I told Kiandra to get off at one....and it was the wrong one. 

We went into the desk to ask directions to our right hotel and the desk clerk told us that it would be just easier to drive us and so he did. He told us to get into the hotel van and he would drive us to the right place and he zipped us right over. I was so grateful for his kindness.

Once there, we could finally check in. Our hotel was great and even had a fridge to keep drinks cold.

I tried so hard to stay awake as the day went on and I think I made it to about 7:30 before I crashed...not bad considering I had hardly slept the night before and the previous night was only a few hours as well. I tried some jet leg medication that a friend said came highly recommended and hopefully after tonight's sleep I will be ready for all of our upcoming adventures.

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