Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Kiandra is leaving for France in 20 days and today she got her placement for where she will be working this summer. Of course I immediately googled the location, searched out ways for her to get from the Paris airport, and looked up the camp information. I *might* have also looked up some of the names listed in the email cc contacts on Facebook to see if I could check out some of the people Kiandra will be working with...maybe...I might have.

It looks like Kiandra will have quite the experience as she travels to the camp (a few different options) and at the camp itself. Here are some pictures that I found online:

I'm not sure if Kiandra realized that her placement could have been so outdoorsy but thankfully she is quick to embrace every adventure with excitement. It will be another adventure that will make great stories and I look forward to hearing all about them when I meet her in Paris after her time is done. 

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