Monday, June 26, 2017

Kezia's Graduation

Grad day is here!

Kezia was presented a scholarship she didn't even know about and it was presented by these guys:

and her principal

one side of graduates:

Just shots of after convocation:

Then we went home for Kezia to get her hair and make up done and get dressed in her dress. We have a tree in our front yard that is the backdrop for our first day of school pics:

Today is was the backdrop for the end of this chapter:

We took some photos downtown:

Kiandra snapped a pile of amazing ones! These are some favourites:

and Kiandra took over the photos at the Leg as well so we just stood around and watched the graduates and found it hard to believe we only have 1 more to go:

For the first time ever, convocation and the dinner/dance were all in the same day. Our food was delicious:

Kez had the vegetarian meal:

and then the day was done. Conrad and I left at 10 and then Kezia stayed for safe grad until Kiandra picked her up at 3:00am. Happy Graduation day Kezia! It was fun to celebrate this milestone with you!

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