Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello Monday
Hello 13 school days left.
Hello expert project number 6 and 7
Hello 12 left to go

Hello more meetings on the horizon
Hello long, long, long to do list
Hello plans
Hello assessments
Hello writing report card comments in my head all day long.

Hello days flying by
Hello hot sticky air
Hello trusty Grade 1 air conditioner
Hello keep the door closed

Hello expert projects falling off the walls
Hello search for this tape
Hello unsuccessful hunt
Hello maybe tomorrow

Hello text from Kaden
Hello pick up at Tim's
Hello chauffeur home
Hello 2.5 months until road test eligible

Hello reffing mixup
Hello no game tonight
Hello quieter dinner at home instead

Hello late night ball hockey game
Hello decision to stay at home and head to bed early
Hello asleep before the boys arrived home.

Hello Monday...

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