Sunday, June 4, 2017

Celebration Sunday

This morning, Kezia's friend Katrine invited her to her baptism at 11:00. Kezia told us she wanted to go but had to go to Sunday School at our church because she had taken the first half of the baptism class last week and was planning to get baptized in a few weeks. She had not even told us that she was considering this and Katrine and Kezia didn't even know the other was planning it either. What a cool thing to see these friends decide to make this stand for Christ within a few weeks of each other. Of course, Conrad and I had to go too:

Then it was Conrad's planned anniversary celebration in the evening. It was his year to plan and he decided that we would do something we had always wanted to try: Hot Yoga

This was before:

and this was after:

It was amazingly hot and we made it through the 90 minute class and even bought the intro month special to attend unlimited classes in the next month. We both liked it....even though a few people who heard what Conrad had planned and questioned his planning for this date ;)

After going home to shower and change, we went out for dinner to a new restaurant:

and it was fabulous:

We walked around after (the evening was perfect weather!) and stopped for bogo gelati for dessert. We figured we earned it with our hot yoga earlier. 

Celebrating 21 years of time flies.

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