Saturday, May 13, 2017

Physio Fit Run!

It was the annual Physio Fit Run and this event has always been one that our school has been actively involved in. This year we had 200 participants from our school communities! It is great to see so many staff, students, and families involved.

Here's the a group shot of some of us (Kaden and I are on the left). Even the 5K participants got a timing chip this year:

and then we went to the START line! This year's events were the 10K, 5K, 3K, and even a 1K walk:

I have not trained (at all!) but it felt good to run today. The temperature was perfect for me ...not minus 3 like a few years ago!... and I did stop to take a few photos for the yearbook along the way but still felt like it was a pretty good time (considering my lack of training). Final results said I finished with a time of 42:52 and I came in 17 out of 27 in my age group and it made me wish I had tried harder (and taken less photos) to see what my time could have been.

Kaden finished second in his age group with a time of 23:34. They mixed up the route at the beginning of the 5K and people had to turn around and so he likely would have had an even better time. Kaden is crazy fast.

It was another great year doing the run. 

Last night, Princeton the cat was having some health issues. He was drooling like crazy, was very lethargic, and just not himself. 

I was having flashbacks to 2 years ago, when Goliath was sick and we decided to put him down. The vet examined him (Princeton was not impressed) and then gave him a shot and further medication to continue at home. We decided to wait it out and see how he was after 24 hours. By the evening he was already starting to perk up so we hope whatever it is can be fixed with today's prescription. 

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