Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pack it in!!

Some days are busier than other days. Today was one of those busier days.

The day started with an early arrival to school to cut up fruit for our Volunteer chapel this morning.

Then we hosted our school volunteers for a special chapel and tea to express our thanks for all the work they do all year.

In the afternoon, I took my Grade 1 friends to the Home Depot with 12 parent/grandparent volunteers. It was a busy afternoon of building:

Then I left my camera with my yearbook peeps for our school's movie night and then we headed home. We stopped for gas where I realized Kaden is looking more and more like Conrad every day:

After that, I drove Kaden home to get him fed before he went off to ref:

Conrad and I did some errands and then stopped for ice cream (BOGO with a coupon) and came to watch the second half of the game:

I'm thankful for busy days and thankful for the promise of a quieter weekend ahead.....

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