Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing and a facetime call from Kiandra. I thought it was a Mother's day greeting, but she was just calling to talk.

This was my morning greeting on snap chat from Kaden:

Then it was off to church:

and then Conrad planned a fancy brunch at a golf course for lunch:

He rocks:

My only complaint was that I literally could not eat enough to sample all of the goodies on the buffet. It was so good!

Love my fam:

Here was my first plate:

and my second:

I didn't take a pic of the pie I had for dessert but it was delicious!

The fam bought me this pan to replace one that we have that no longer cooks well and has become very hard to clean:

Then in the afternoon, Kezia asked to do a Mother/Daughter photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures Conrad snapped:

Then we joined Conrad's brother and family to take Conrad's Mom (and Dad) out for supper.

We went back to Conrad's parents' place for some games and then home to rest up for our late night because Kiandra comes home late tomorrow night!

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