Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Late night ball hockey

Now that Kaden is in the oldest age bracket for his ball hockey, his games are late. Tonight's game started at 9:35 which means that Kaden accompanied me to our school's Spring Concert AND then we drove out to the game.

All of the other guys arrived on time and tonight the coach's son was walking into the arena at 9:28. (I didn't realize how long the concert had gone and then the game was on the other side of the city.) However, it was all good because ball hockey doesn't nearly need as much prep time before getting on the rink.

Kaden reminds me SOOOO much of Conrad when he plays. They stick handle the same:

They anticipate the play the same:

They position themselves in the action the same:

They run the same (doesn't this look like Conrad??!!):

and they play hard the same:

It was a 4-0 lead until the last 35 seconds of the game when Kaden's team got a penalty and the other team scored and a goal from the other end was called good when it should have been "icing" to make the final score 4-2. Kaden's team is going to have to learn to control their temper a bit if they want to stay out of the penalty box.....

Then I finally got a chance to catch up on my social media and I found this snap from Kiandra....what an adventure she is on!

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