Friday, May 19, 2017

Inservice Friday

It's hard to believe we are in the final days of school. Our inservice day today was full of good things to remember:

I might need these reminders ...daily....

I am always reminded that I work with awesome people:

Trying to take a good picture:

close enough:

This afternoon's portion included this quote and it made me think that this just be Kiandra's motto in life:

More good reminders:

and to top it all off...I won a book (the exact book I had my eye on during the afternoon!)

The day finished with some extra time in my classroom as Kaden was invited to a friend's after school and then a birthday bonfire after that. I spent as much time in my classroom after school hours than I did during the day today. It was actually quite nice to get some stuff done in my classroom as we approach the final month of school. I finally left the school at 11:15 pm to pick Kaden up. Happy Long weekend!

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