Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello Monday!!
Hello last day of being 40 *gasp*
Hello restless night wondering how Kiandra and the team are doing
Hello morning update:
Hello checking flight tracker...they are on the move:

Hello sick son
Hello solo ride to school
Hello time to stop for a treat:
Hello outfit of the day
Hello new shirt from Kohl's
Hello new necklace from Janice
Hello flip flops because the forecast is for 17 degrees!

Hello snap from Conrad...Kezia finishes high school NEXT month!

Hello day 6
Hello 3 prep day cut to 2 because of musical practices :(
Hello Lunch duty
Hello special dessert:

Hello Spring Musical practice
Hello show in 2 days.
Hello props:

Hello after school meeting.
Hello final notes for Wednesday's concert.
Hello flight tracker update...I can't believe Kiandra has been flying all day long:
Hello grocery shopping.
Hello update:
Hello birthday wish for me!
Hello (and thanks!) technology!
Hello Kiandra:
Hello other side of the world
Hello almost too far to get in the same screen shot as Conrad:

Hello house viewing appointment made
Hello house sold in hours
Hello one that got away... (it had a pool and everything!)

Hello phone call for Kaden
Hello expected, but disappointing, news
Hello phone call for Kezia
Hello hired! as a leader for our church's summer day camp

Hello blog updating
Hello waiting for final flight to land
Hello #MomLife of adult children
Hello new stage, new worries, new experiences
Hello appropriate vrsly overlay

Hello Monday.

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