Tuesday, May 9, 2017


My heart is full. My schedule is full. My life is full.

It was so good to see this picture show up on the Cambodia Mission trip blog this morning. Kiandra and her team were hosting a lice check clinic and Kiandra did some hair braiding. What amazing adventures she is having half way around the world!
An even greater treat was getting a Facetime call from her this morning. She showed us where the team was staying and we were able to see and hear Kiandra share some of the things she is packing into a full 2 weeks:

Our full schedule includes 2 games of ball hockey a week and it was another one this evening:

My heart is full watching these guys on the court, being healthy and active, and enjoying what they love. (I'm sure Conrad would love to be on the rink instead of just coaching!)

I love my full life.

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