Thursday, April 27, 2017


Thirteen things I did today:

1. Drove Kaden to school. I am thankful for our commute together.

2. Filled in my field trip form and had the principal sign off on it.

3. Took my Grade 1 friends on the bus to a storytelling festival by myself because all of my parent volunteers opted to meet us at the museum.

4. Listened to 3 stories. My grade 1 friends were excellent.

5. Toured the outdoor trails of the museum for about 15 minutes but realized it was way too cold and so I texted the bus driver to come back and get us early.

6.  I got an email for a sale on luggage. Carryon luggage regularly $399 on sale for $99:

7. Found out Conrad had just bought me new carry on luggage for my birthday.

8. Had a concert practice for the last hour of the day. Showtime in 6 days!

9. Cleaned my classroom, changed stuff to May, photocopied new morning job books.

10. Was chauffeured by Kaden to Costco and then to pick up my Mom from Dialysis.

11. Watched Kiandra arrange the flowers I bought at Costco into arrangements for tomorrow's youth event:

12. Tried to help Kiandra figure out visa and international transfer payments for Capernwray. 

13. Packed for the teacher peeps weekend.

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