Saturday, April 1, 2017

Simple Saturday

I've come to really appreciate lazy Saturdays...those kind of ordinary days that you really only appreciate fully when they are gone. Today I did some cleaning, organizing, and purging of our bedroom closet and I found this gem:

It's a note from Kezia...likely from 2006 from the box I found it in...and it says:

Dear Mom
I hope you get an A+ You are the
beast mom

"beast" mom = awesome

It's those simple things...

Yesterday Kezia and I got BOGO booster juice:

and we picked out a birthday cake (finally!) for Kiandra. It's been a busy week and tonight would be the first time we'd all be home to enjoy it as a family since Kiandra's actual birthday on Monday.

Tonight we dined on a simple supper of crockpot dumplings and this birthday tradition of DQ ice-cream cake:

Then we watched Amazing Race together.

It is good to savour the simple things like all being home and without plans on a Saturday night.

I ended the day helping Kiandra finish her application for Capenwray Bible College for Fall. 

It really helps me to remember that these simple Saturdays, with all 5 of us under the same roof, won't last forever...

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