Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Off to Wardrobe!

Conrad, Kiandra, and I have been booked for this weekend on set and today we had to go for a wardrobe fitting.

Conrad arrived first,

Then Kiandra and I met each other just as Conrad was finishing his turn:
(Kind of funny that all three of us came from three separate places in three different vehicles!)

There were many costumes on hand and the wardrobe people were so nice as they accommodated all the people waiting to see them. Kiandra and I waited for our turn:

When I was called, I have to say that it felt pretty special to be handed my clothes already picked out and labeled with my name:

Here's what they had picked out for me and I am thankful that the clothes are super warm as the shoot is outside:

Kiandra will not be quite as warm in her outfit:

I am curious to see what Conrad will be wearing. It will be a fun experience to be on set together this weekend in our period costumes and watching the magic happen in front of the rolling cameras....

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