Friday, April 28, 2017

It's Great!

Today was our school planning day. Our principal started the day with this clip:

He said that long meeting days can suck but can be great too. Making goals and missing those goals can suck but can also be great because the goals may be replaced with something more pressing or more needed at the time. Plans can suck but then turn out to be great. That is exactly what happened 8 years ago when I attended my very first planning day inservice.  I had been told that I would not be returning in the fall. It sucked. Each planning day since then I have looked forward to because I have the privilege of doing a job that I love, with people that I love, in a school that I love....and that's truly great.

At 3:32 I dashed off to pick Kaden up and rush home to get ready for the annual Teacher Peeps States Shopping weekend!

Five of us in this van, another vehicle with 5, and Janice (who had a head start being from our other campus) in her car. 


We seem to keep with tradition every year and start by a stop at TJMax and then a late night supper (half price appies) at Applebees:   

So. Great.

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