Sunday, April 30, 2017

Heading home...leaving home

My usual last stop before leaving the States:
Cherry coke icee

and then when we arrived at the meeting spot where Conrad picked me up we took one last pic and were photobombed by 2 bikers!

I helped Kiandra double check her suitcase and then we were off to take Kiandra to the airport:
Kiandra and 11 others are heading to Cambodia to serve for 2 weeks:
Kiandra and her friend Kara were traveling together last year at this time too:
and then just like that....
They were off....
Her room was eerily quiet this evening ...a sign of times to come...
Their first flight arrived safely in Vancouver...where they will have a 6 hour layover before flying to Hong Kong.
What a blessing it has been to watch Kiandra embrace every adventure with an eager enthusiasm. It's exactly what you want for your children and yet it's hard to let them go.

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