Saturday, April 8, 2017

Back in Time

Call time was at 4:30 for me and many others (about 299 others!) this evening as we prepared to be on movie set overnight! I have to say it was pretty cool to get dressed up and have my hair and makeup done to look like I had lived in the 1900s

Kiandra was dressed for the 1960s in her bee hive hair do:

autocorrect: "Not so sure about this hair style"

and even Conrad was looking fine in his costume:

Thankfully we were from the same era and so we could hang out in the same part of the scene as we literally spent hours resetting the same scene again and again. Conrad and I just might be visible in a few parts and we look forward to seeing the movie to find out if we managed to sneak into a few of the frames. 

We took a break for "lunch" at 1:30am...we were pretty tired:

It's fun to dress up, stay up all night, and get paid. No wonder this is Kiandra's dream job!

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