Sunday, April 9, 2017

And that's a wrap!

It's not often that I have almost 4000 steps logged by 6:35 am!!

Conrad, Kiandra, and I were up all night on a movie set and we were cut just before the sun rose this morning. By time we had changed, returned our costumes, and signed out then it was totally bright outside...we had been wrapped just in time!

We were not allowed to bring phones/cameras to set but later in the day I looked up a few tags on instagram and saw that others had taken photos of the set and so I snagged a few that really highlight all of the work behind the scenes to make a movie.

Here was a shot of some of the equipment on set:

and a photo that I'm guessing the "snow maker" took from his high perch: 

(Conrad and I had our "first position" just behind the horse and buggy in the middle left hand corner)

Another photo of the snow makers view:
(the "blocks" right by his shoe is the spot Conrad and I must have walked past about 30 times!)

This was the view of the street that we filmed on. The details that go into set creation are incredible. There were even "Chicago Parking Lot" signs that totally looked real!

more views of the set taken by someone who visited today after filming was done.

more set views:

and more:

and the last one that I found:

What a super fun experience and one I hope to do again!

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