Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Update: 40 bags in 40 days 2017

It's been a week since I joined in this challenge:

Here's an update to keep myself accountable and *maybe* actually make it through to the end.

Bag 1: 
  • Cleaning out the pedestals in the laundry room and I found a ton of mismatched socks and two pairs of ripped jeans

Bag 2: This bag of random donations is headed to the thrift store

Bag 3: 1 bag of donations from Conrad's closet, 
Bag 4 & 5: 2 bags of the girls' clothes for my friend Tammi's girls
"bag" 6: 1 recycle box of random empty bottles and boxes, 
Bag 7: 1 bag of clothes and scarves for the clothing exchange
Bag 8: 1 bag of plastic bags that I just found out I can recycle at a local grocery store.

I'm also looking at removing some of the clutter in my classroom so in the last week I removed:

1 bag of random supplies that I'm not using. (For now it's up in the storage room on the second floor)

1 full recycle bin of paper...this really should count as 2 bags because this bin is actually quite tall:

and this bin of shredding was leftover as Kaden shredded some of the stuff that should not end up in the recycle bin (stuff with kids' names, staff meeting minutes, reports, etc.)

This is also almost two bags full!

On Monday I took all of this and returned it to the appropriate places:

And I gave these extra tissue boxes to music, French, and gym for kids to use there...somehow I have lots of extra this year!

It feels good to unload some stuff!

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