Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Time Capsule Tuesday

When Kiandra was in Grade 5, her teacher had each student make a time capsule to open in the future. Kiandra made hers and her opening date was when she turned 20 and today she opened this up:

We opened it up to find all of this:

She thought she would be in school next year, in 5 years be able to drive a car, 10 years (now!) get married (eek...looks like a busy year ahead :) and in 15 years have a baby.

This caught my eye:

Not sure if Kiandra's 20 year old self still thinks of me as a role model but it's nice to know that her 10 year old self did. 

Some things, obviously, had changed since Kiandra made this time capsule but it was surprising how much still was the same. Kiandra's easy going "embrace everything in life" attitude shines through. Her funny sense of humour and the things she found important then (God, her family, her friends, and having fun) are still her top priorities. 

Now we just need to locate a cassette tape player to hear what she recorded on that tape....

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