Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I did today.

1. Was a little later leaving my house because Kaden had to dress up in his dress clothes for a Jazz performance this afternoon.

2. Arrived at school just after 8:25 and checked my work email.

3. Totally and completely missed the 8:00am staff meeting. *ack* this is not the first time this year :o

4. After a few days of strictly healthy eating, splurged on a few of these tasty calorie-laden salads for salad day:

5. My Grade 1 friends are *almost* done their books and I started putting them on display on our bulletin board.

6. I added to our Grade 1 page because Dr. Seuss is our March author of the month.

7. Was surprised that Dr. Seuss books, written before I was born, are still widely popular with kids.

8. Waiting for Kaden to arrive back to school after his Jazz festival appearance.

9. Picked Kaden up at his school at 4:30.

10. He filled me up:

11. Saved this photo from my adventures with Kiandra last night:

12. And this one because we did actually fit it all in:

13. I filled another bag for my Lent challenge....2 bags down 38 to go....

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