Sunday, March 26, 2017

Then you go...

a few weeks ago, Kiandra said "you know what I want to do for my birthday?"

"I want to go to the States with the family"

When your daughter wants to spend her 20th birthday with the go to the States as a family. Now I realize that she probably just wanted us to pay ;) but still many 20 year olds WANT to spend time away with their fam?

So we went to Panera Bread for lunch:

and then shopping! The boys finished their shopping quickly and had lots of time leftover for snap chatting and trying out display furniture:

The girls found a smoking shoe sale and actually bought all of these: 
(the cheapest pair was only $3.40)

Then we met up at Pizza Ranch with our friends who are off to Vegas to celebrate my friend Melanie's 40th birthday next month. Pizza Ranch is one of Kiandra's favs because it has her two favourite foods: Pizza and Ice Cream.

Then it was off to our hotel where I discovered a BIG error on my part :(

When Kiandra told me she wanted to go down to the States I found out I had enough expedia points to book a room for a smoking deal:

But I booked it for FEBRUARY 26-27 and so we didn't have any room booked for today. Thankfully, the hotel did have room but unfortunately I didn't get this price on the room. 

I'm thankful for this time we could spend together.

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