Sunday, March 19, 2017

That time...

I asked Kaden to take a picture and he took a selfie instead...

so I asked him again to take a picture of me and these girls in our (not planned!) matching buns:
(also note our unplanned patterning...striped dress & cardigan, circle scarf, striped dress & cardigan, circle scarf)

and that time I watched....not one:

not two:

but three hockey games:

1 hockey game was my nephew
1 hockey game was the A2 team from Kaden's age group
and the last was a quick peek at the game from the highest division in Kaden's age group
(Kaden knew players at both the last two games)

and also that time I snuck this photo during supper at Subway and only Maddy was ready for the picture:

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