Thursday, March 16, 2017

Showtime again...

I love it when I get reminders that show me that even when a stage passes that a new one arrives to take its place.

I was feeling kind of sad yesterday as I walked away from musical and the end of that stage. I'm quite sad and overwhelmed when I think of all the "lasts" that my children are approaching and yesterday I thought it was the last time I would get to see one of my children on stage in a high school musical.

However, when I arrived home after staff meeting, I found out that Kiandra and Katrine were going to the musical tonight. (Kiandra had gone on Tuesday, but Katrine had not seen it). A few texts later I was heading off to the show again.

Even though I knew that THIS would be the last time (for real) it was a cool reminder that the end of this musical season also means the beginning of watching musical WITH my girls instead of watching them. I really enjoyed tonight's show and got to sneak in some photos of the scenes from a new angle:
and take close ups of some of the sets Kezia helped create:

and because I had seen the show before, I could anticipate where she would be and even caught a pic of Kezia in action:

Not the best picture, but Kezia was the head of the dragon in one of the final scenes:

I am so glad I got to go tonight, one more time, and savour this season just a wee bit longer.

The "lasts" will still come but there are new beginnings too. I hope that next year I get the chance to go to the musical with both my girls and we can watch the show together!

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