Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quarter Final Game

Kaden's team played the 4th place team today. They were counting on a win but it is the finals and anything can happen....

Kaden's team came out strong and when I arrived 6 minutes late after doing some grocery shopping they were already in the lead 3-0.

Even though there were some moments of panic, Kaden's team pulled off a win. Final score 7-3.

The game following Kaden's game was the game that would determine who Kaden's team would play next. It was the 3rd place team vs the second place team-the team that has a legacy of rough play. Kaden begged to stay and watch. It was so unlikely that that the bottom team would defeat the other team but Kaden and his team were hoping for just such an upset. 

My payment for staying to watch a game of hockey that did not have my son playing was a few pictures....what a surprise when the first goal was NOT for RR. 

It was a close game and what a shocker when they went into overtime:

and who could have predicted that an upset would happen and RR would be defeated!

What an amazing turn of events!

Now Kaden's team will have to make it through the next round to make it to the finals...

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