Thursday, March 30, 2017

On Set!

This week, Kiandra submitted her headshot and was cast as a cheerleader for a movie being filmed here. She has minimal cheer experience from her times performing in the half time show of a football game but I guess it was enough. When she was asking around for "cheer shoes" she found out that a friend of hers was also going to be on set for the same thing. Last night Kiandra sent me this photo of the two of them in their cheer gear after their fitting and before their rehearsal for tomorrow's scene:

During the day yesterday, I happened to notice that they were still searching for "townsfolk" for the crowd at the basketball game that Kiandra was "cheering" at so I submitted my picture and was booked for today.

Kiandra and Courtney's call time was 10:00 and I dropped them off at "Jewel City high school" where this sign made it seem so different from where Kaden had his volleyball tournament a few months ago:

Seeing American flags everywhere was strange too. My call time wasn't until 12:15 so I got some breakfast and then arrived to wait with all the other crowd extras. I brought some books along to pass the time and it was pretty sweet to get paid to read. :)

Shooting last all day and long into the night. It was the same scene again, and again, and again. We cheered, we cheered, and we cheered some more. I wasn't able to be with Kiandra at all as she had a different holding room and during shooting times she was on the opposite side of the court.  But I did get some updates of her holding room:

I kept Conrad updated too sneaking a photo from set:

and then my section of stands was wrapped at 11:15pm and Kiandra and her friend were wrapped about an hour later.

It was a fun day and such an interesting experience to see all the details that go into filming a movie.  I can add this as my third movie extra experience to my "resume" and Kiandra has almost lost track of the times she has been on set. Set days are long days and by the time we got home it was after 1:00am. Good thing it is Spring Break!

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