Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello new week
Hello post on Facebook this morning

Hello timely reminder as Kiandra officially accepted the job
Hello time...please ....pause.... a ....moment....

Hello Grade 1 friends
Hello 4 more actual days of this term left
Hello last minute assessing
Hello progress... we have learned so much this term

Hello pile of clutter out of my classroom and back where it belongs:

Hello funny text from Kaden:

Hello supper at Quiznos with Maddy and Kaden before his semi-final game:

Hello and Go Warriors Go

Hello panic as Kaden's team makes it a close one....

Hello holding our breath until the final score

Hello 4-2 win
Hello A side champions!
Hello driving Maddy back home
Hello long and awesome day
Hello Monday,

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