Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Endings and Beginnings

Today Kaden left for a Jazz band trip and of course I had to send him off with some (snacks and puns!). He is not taking band next year and won't be going on this trip next year. Days of band events are coming to and end...

Kiandra had a promising voice over audition to voice a character for a children's video game. This could be the beginning of something pretty cool!

Today with Kaden away and Kiandra at a meeting for her upcoming trip to Cambodia, Conrad and I had date night at Kezia's high school performance of Shrek the musical. This is the last musical we will watch with the involvement of one of our kids. After 6 years, it's hard to believe this is the end of musical season in our house. Kezia has worked back stage for the last 2 musicals. She helped with sets and props and during the musical she moves the sets and props.

Our last time in the audience with one of our kids on stage:

It was a fabulous show! Already last year we noticed that we hardly knew any of the people in the and even less cast members looked familiar this year.

But we did get to see Kezia on stage for the final bows:

Kezia and her friend Haley posed for a picture after the show:

and I snapped this one on the cast and crew board:

and then it was over. Before we left the school, I dragged Conrad to the corner staircase where it all began:

This was the exact spot where Conrad asked me out on November 19, 1991. It was the beginning of something very good.

In a few months, Kezia will graduate from this school and because Kaden is attending a different high school this will be the end of our family's time here. (I guess unless one day our kids have their kids go here??!)

When we arrived home, clues to another new beginning awaited on the bar counter:

It was Kiandra's welcome package which arrived in the mail today. Kiandra was accepted to work at a camp in France in July. She has to report to camp on July 5. She will be working at American Village an opportunity she learned about from someone in the young adults group at church. She will be a counselor for children and will be doing all kinds of "camp" things in English for French children. She is looking forward to the experience. I am not looking forward to having her leave....

Beginnings and endings. Sometimes I long for the "same old...same old".

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