Saturday, March 18, 2017


Today was game three in a best of 5 series in the battle for city champions! Kaden's team has won the first 2 games and today they could take it...

Kaden scored the second goal of the game and the goals kept coming....

They stopped putting the score up after 7 goals but the final score was 9-0.

What a fantastic end to a great year of hockey. They were in first place for almost the whole season and came out with a big sweep to become the city champions!

They got medals:

(is it just me or does Kaden look extra tall in this photo??!)

and a big banner! Great job Warriors!

They played hard and what an end to this season!

And so I hung up my hockey blanket for the last time of the season....

We were hoping for another victory at the fundraising event that Kiandra's youth adult missions team was hosting this evening. They planned a game show trivia night for their upcoming trip to Cambodia. Kiandra helped kick off the event:
 There was also a dessert auction with these awesome desserts:

These were Kiandra's contributions:

The Oreo cheesecake was bid on (and then guarded) by my nephews. They did win it in the end.

Our team (table 19) was "Cheeto Dust" and consisted of me and Conrad, my friend Janice, Kaden and Maddy, Kezia, and my friend Mel and her son Jonah. We thought we were pretty stacked and we did pretty well on the first few rounds but then we fell behind and didn't even place in the top 5. However it was a very fun evening and we had a great time.

It was a very busy and very fun day full of great and awesome things.

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