Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday 13

13 things I did today:

1. Didn't let the boy convince me that he should stay home from school for being sick.

2. Rode to school in silence.

3. Reminded the boy to take his Euphonium out of the van when I dropped him off at school.

4. Had a full class of students for the first day in a LONG time....and then one left for the afternoon...

5. Ate the lunch I packed yesterday but didn't eat because I forgot it was hot lunch yesterday so I enjoyed it today.

6. Realized the battery for my camera was almost dead.

7. Borrowed my friend Sheri's camera.

8. Drove to the Grade 7 and 8 basketball game at different school to take pictures for yearbook.

9. Came home to this in the crockpot because I threw it in while trying to prod the boy to get ready for school.

10. Ate supper with Conrad, Kaden, and Kezia because Kiandra had "small group bonding with her youth girls and had taken them to Festival for the evening.

11. Saw Conrad and Kaden leave for floor hockey at 8:30 (so much for being sick ;)

12. Made these as a surprise for Kaden's team's last regular season game tomorrow:

13. Watched the two "This is Us" shows that were PVR'd and waiting to be watched. 

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