Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday 13

1. Thought this was the "Friday-est" Thursday ever...sure felt like a Friday even though it was's been a LONG week.

2. Drove to school by myself for the 2nd day in a row. Since Kaden finished his exams on Tuesday, he gets the rest of the week off.

3. Got a surprise treat from one of my families:

4. Got some snaps from the girls like this one:

Kiandra has been babysitting for 4 kids this week while their parents and baby brother are in Vegas for a few days. Kezia is off this week too and so she spent the night there last night and today Kezia and Kiandra took the youngest to the mall. They are going to be great moms one day.

5. Did some hands on activities with my Grade 1 friends for our senses unit like letting them explore this Braille book:

6. and added other layer to our paper mache snow people:

7.  Got this photo update from Conrad who had changed out a few of our cabinet doors to new ones.

8. Found out that it will be another week before the rest will go on because some didn't have the holes drilled. 

9. Drove Kaden to hockey practice:

10: Stopped to buy him a water bottle because he lost his...and Conrads'....and told him that the next one he will be buying! Then dropped the water bottle off at practice.

11. Picked Kaden up from hockey practice because Conrad was at his floor hockey night....his first one in a LONG time.

12. Got this snap from Kiandra....she is applying for a summer adventure....

13. Went to bed a little earlier than I expected....I was even too tired to watch the new Grey's Anatomy on the PVR....

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