Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturdays are for Cleaning

After years of extracurricular sports and activities eating up my weekends, I am finding that as of lately that I have actually reached a point where I have at least part, but often the whole day, to myself. Kiandra often works in the morning until late afternoon. Kezia has crew from 10-2 and can drive herself and today she worked at 3:00 so she was barely home before she left again. Kaden has been working most Saturdays and today worked a full day from 9-5. Saturdays have become my day to grocery shop, meal plan, and get stuff done around the house.

Even though we have done some major clutter busting during the last few years, I know there are still pockets of clutter that I'd like to go through. We also have tons of renovation "junk" that is sitting around waiting to be dealt with. When this popped up in my feed I thought it might just be the motivation that I need to tackle those areas:
I've started this challenge a few times but I'm not sure if I've actually made it all the way through. *Maybe* this year will be different??? Either way, I will be happy to see some unused stuff exit my house which will make it easier to keep clean on Saturdays. :)

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