Friday, February 24, 2017

Preparing to Win!

It was Kezia's last day of her last high school spirit week today. They went into the day in the lead and were hoping to end the week with a win. Two years ago, Kiandra's grade 12 class lost on the final day and it was a big upset and the Grade 12 class took it really hard. Many years ago, Conrad's grade 12 class at this same school also didn't pull off a Grade 12 win either (I can't honestly remember if my Grade 12 year won??) Conrad snapped me this picture this morning:

and ....they lost. :( The Grade 11 class took the title 2 years ago from Kiandra's grade 12 class and again the Grade 11 class did the same this year.

Kaden's hockey team had their last regular game of the season. They were sitting in the #1 spot going into the game and a win or a tie would secure that spot going into playoffs...

They started with 2 quick goals and then another! The other team snuck in a goal at the end of the first. In the second period, Kaden's team and the other team both scored another goal to make it 4-2.

They kept it scoreless in the third to win 4-2 and stay in the #1 position going into playoffs.

Kaden was knocked down late in the third but thankfully was not injured too badly and was able to return to the ice quickly. I worry about Kaden playing this team and it's likely they'll play them again in the finals. I just hope no one gets hurt.....

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