Monday, February 27, 2017

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello morning arriving too soon
Hello quiet ride to school

Hello snap from Conrad
Hello LAST high school musical production for Kezia
Hello 15 days until opening night

Hello busy day at school
Hello report card writing day in 11 sleeps
Hello panic
Hello wonder how to fit it all in
Hello same story, different day

Hello dirty van
Hello indulgent purchase of a full service wash 
Hello waiting in line with lots of others with the same lavish plan

Hello $27 and change well spent:

Hello drive by dreaming
Hello plans on the horizon
Hello future...what will you hold?

Hello home for supper
Hello cooking from scratch:

Hello deliciousness!
Hello awesome lunch in my future:

Hello menu board:

Hello spelling tests to mark.
Hello never ending kitchen clean up.
Hello bed
Hello trouble dozing off
Hello late night thinking
Hello Monday, 

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