Sunday, January 22, 2017


I've been using my journalling bible during the church service to highlight key things that our pastor shares each week.

Today's passage really connected with a verse that was quoted in Sunday school last week: 

It's been a bit difficult to watch my kids struggle with living for Christ under pressures from situations and people around them. This verse doesn't say strong and dedicated Christians will be persecuted but that "All who DESIRE to live a Godly life in Christ". When you have the desire to live in a way that does not conform with society then you will be targeted. Just the desire to live for Christ can make you different and make people hostile to you. 

That verse has resonated with me all week. I think about the open hostility that Kezia has faced in her chemistry class with a teacher who does not believe in any religion. I think about Kaden and his peers and the pressure he faces each time he speaks out against what has become acceptable "locker room banter". I think about Kiandra and her desire to mentor teen girls as a youth leader and on the 7 sisters web presence and the reality that each of those girls, and Kiandra too, will face big problems as they choose to follow Christ. 

Today our pastor spoke about how society functions on the attitude: "Does it work for me?" and not: "Is it right or wrong?" Yet as believers in Christ, our will and desire to follow in His footsteps overrides what society teaches. It will not be easy. We will face persecution. But it will be worth it:

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