Thursday, January 5, 2017

On the water, By the water, In the water

It has long been a bucket list item and today I finally had a chance to try stand up paddle boarding!

I bought a groupon for each of us and instead of $30 per person, we paid $10 a person for a 1 hour session. The water was clear, the weather was warm, and it was so fun.

Truthfully, I spent more time on my knees than standing because the sign that said "don't touch the manatees" kind of freaked me out!

However, I was able to get Kaden to get a picture of me actually standing:

The rest of the family enjoyed our time on the boards as well:

*insert photos of kids paddle boarding here once I get their memory cards!*

This was in the building where we rented the paddle boards and we would all recommend Miami Beach Paddleboards:

We walked across the island to the beach:

It looked picture perfect:

The beach was busy but not too crowded:

It was a beautiful day!

We did dip in the water but didn't really get wet:

It was a great day:

Then we went out for a pizza buffet supper and this was our view on the way to the restaurant:

I could totally live here.....

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