Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello Monday

Hello forgetting to shut off the 2:25am alarm from the day we left
Hello a few more hours to sleep
Hello correct alarm at 6:37am
Hello frosty temperatures
Hello first day of school for 2017

Hello Jewelsie's new favourite spot
Hello cats looking at me like "You're leaving again?!!"

Hello snow clearing (because Kiandra and Conrad's cars are in the garage)
Hello quiet drive to school
Hello online check in for my fam
Hello snaps of how their day began:

Hello teacher peeps!
Hello and welcome back to a teacher peep who has been away over a year.
Hello and thankful to work with such awesome people. 
Hello Grade 1 friends!

Hello back to routine.
Hello reading reward ticket redemption:

Hello letting the photographer caption their own photo ...

Hello pretty awesome first day back.
Hello not as awesome as my family's day...
seeing a baby octopus on the beach:

finding shells and sand dollars:

Hello dinner invitation
Hello supper with some of Conrad's family:

Hello yummy veggie burger:

Hello back home 
Hello cuddle cats who are glad to have me home:

Hello Monday.

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