Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Girls and Boys

Even though this is a family trip, it is quite obvious that we often have different interests in regards to the activities that we are interested in. The weather called for cooler temps (+21 ;) and periods of showers so we decided to do some shopping during the day and then we already had plans to separate for the evening.  The first stop was the outlet mall close to our hotel:

and the boys were thrilled:
All of the girls made a purchase at COACH:

 The girls bought wristlets and I bought my very first purse.I think the wristlets were regularly almost $100 and they were on sale for $24.99 and this purse was regularly over $400 and was on sale for $99. 

I kind of chuckled when I thought about the other purchases I made today:

Mini Erasers for my math games:
bags of 50 for $1

and this smoking good deal on these ones...because they were "Christmas" erasers they were on clear out for 90% each pack was 10 cents! So my souvenirs from this trip were a $100 Coach purse and erasers for 10 cents. :)

We lunched at Kiandra's favourite American restaurant: Chilis

We did some more shopping and then the boys dropped us off near where we needed to go and continued on to their destination. We stopped for a light supper (we were still full from lunch)

and then we headed off to Cirque du Soleil!

It was under a tent in the parking lot of the Miami Dolphins stadium.

When we arrived, the stage looked like this:

and the girls were approached to go on stage by one of the ushers:

That was a pretty fun experience for them!

There was a guest appearance in the show from one of the ten smallest people in the world. The whole show, we kept wondering if the performer was a child or just a really small adult. They had this display set up to explain her role:

While we were at the show, the boys were off to a hockey game:

The arena was pretty nice:

Their seats were pretty high up...

and there were many seats without fans:

It was a fun night for the boys and it was a 4-1 win!

Then the boys drove back to pick us up and then we drove back to our hotel. 

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