Monday, January 16, 2017

Closing time

Kezia was asked to switch her shift today and work the closing shift and she agreed. It was her first ever closing shift and so Kiandra decided she would go to the restaurant and give Kezia some tips and help. Kiandra asked me to go along with her to have some appies and wait for Kezia to finish. Although knowing that it would be at least 11pm (on a school night! :) I agreed to go with Kiandra to keep her company as she sat and waited for Kezia.

It's quite the role reversal when you reach a point that your daughter treats you and even tells you "You can get a drink if you want" (We usually just have water at restaurants!) While we dined on sweet potato fries and (not on the menu) spinach dip we talked and watched Kezia. 

Sometimes (ok .... often!) I spend too much time thinking that my own time with my kids is at its "closing time". They are becoming more independent, they are growing and changing and moving into new directions, and I feel like I am losing my kids. Today reminded me that it may be a closing time on one season of being a Mom, but this new one that is opening is pretty sweet too. I am blessed and lucky.

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