Sunday, May 21, 2017

Relaxing Sunday

After church Kiandra and I went out for lunch:

then we went to a few open houses before coming home. She left for work:

and while she was gone, I worked on this year's Grade 1 book inspired by author Todd Parr:

Then it was an appetizer kind of supper with baked brie and mozza sticks and a side of Gilmore Girls.

It was perfectly relaxing Sunday....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

On our own

Happy Long Weekend Saturday!

Today Kaden slept in.
Conrad and Kezia went to work.
Kiandra and I went shopping at the new outlet mall.
(I found jeans and she bought a cute dress...and was mistaken for a 14 year old when the cashier thought she didn't need to pay tax on the dress)

We stopped at Costco to share a poutine for lunch:

and Kiandra went to work and Kezia came home. These three packed up for a weekend of camping:

Kiandra ended up working longer than she thought and since she is still working on adjusting to the time change from Cambodia she fell asleep during our Gilmore Girl marathon...well if you can call 1 episode a marathon. ;)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Inservice Friday

It's hard to believe we are in the final days of school. Our inservice day today was full of good things to remember:

I might need these reminders ...daily....

I am always reminded that I work with awesome people:

Trying to take a good picture:

close enough:

This afternoon's portion included this quote and it made me think that this just be Kiandra's motto in life:

More good reminders:

and to top it all off...I won a book (the exact book I had my eye on during the afternoon!)

The day finished with some extra time in my classroom as Kaden was invited to a friend's after school and then a birthday bonfire after that. I spent as much time in my classroom after school hours than I did during the day today. It was actually quite nice to get some stuff done in my classroom as we approach the final month of school. I finally left the school at 11:15 pm to pick Kaden up. Happy Long weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pack it in!!

Some days are busier than other days. Today was one of those busier days.

The day started with an early arrival to school to cut up fruit for our Volunteer chapel this morning.

Then we hosted our school volunteers for a special chapel and tea to express our thanks for all the work they do all year.

In the afternoon, I took my Grade 1 friends to the Home Depot with 12 parent/grandparent volunteers. It was a busy afternoon of building:

Then I left my camera with my yearbook peeps for our school's movie night and then we headed home. We stopped for gas where I realized Kaden is looking more and more like Conrad every day:

After that, I drove Kaden home to get him fed before he went off to ref:

Conrad and I did some errands and then stopped for ice cream (BOGO with a coupon) and came to watch the second half of the game:

I'm thankful for busy days and thankful for the promise of a quieter weekend ahead.....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Little Mermaid

Kiandra was invited by some of her youth girls to attend their middle school musical. She asked me to come along and join her.
We enjoyed the show but the dark scene changes were tempting Kiandra to go to sleep. She us still adjusting to the time change. Thankfully it was an early show time and so she could head to bed early.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

She's Home!

In the early hours this morning, Kiandra returned from Cambodia! It was so good to see her back safe and sound:

Her first request:

It was a tough two weeks of eating for our picky daughter! She brought us some souvenirs like this coke for Conrad:

and these earrings for me:

and she even brought back some looks like a ton but is only a few dollars when you convert it:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!!
Hello message from Kiandra when I woke up:

Hello flight delay
Hello worry
Hello prayer
Hello layover shrinking
Hello flight stalking:

Hello finally in the air!
Hello stop at the optometrist
Hello pickup ready from the order placed on Thursday
Hello new spectacles for this guy: 

Hello no pedicure gift I was hoping for yesterday
Hello gift to myself
Hello pretty summer ready toes:

Hello supper for 3
Hello Kezia working until close
Hello flight stalking again
Hello Kezia finished in time!
Hello we come!

Hello Monday! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing and a facetime call from Kiandra. I thought it was a Mother's day greeting, but she was just calling to talk.

This was my morning greeting on snap chat from Kaden:

Then it was off to church:

and then Conrad planned a fancy brunch at a golf course for lunch:

He rocks:

My only complaint was that I literally could not eat enough to sample all of the goodies on the buffet. It was so good!

Love my fam:

Here was my first plate:

and my second:

I didn't take a pic of the pie I had for dessert but it was delicious!

The fam bought me this pan to replace one that we have that no longer cooks well and has become very hard to clean:

Then in the afternoon, Kezia asked to do a Mother/Daughter photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures Conrad snapped:

Then we joined Conrad's brother and family to take Conrad's Mom (and Dad) out for supper.

We went back to Conrad's parents' place for some games and then home to rest up for our late night because Kiandra comes home late tomorrow night!

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