Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last day of 2017

What a great end to this year...after spending so many months apart, it was nice to have the family all together. 

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel:

Then some shopping:

and then back home for the evening. Kiandra and Kezia off babysitting and Kaden had some friends over for video games and eating:

Conrad and I welcomed the new year in our comfy clothes and binge watching the Survivor episodes on the PVR. I had bought these to toast at midnight:

but totally forgot to bring them out!

well've been full of surprises...some good, some not so good...

what will 2018 bring?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Quick getaway!

It was a last minute decision but it actually worked with all of our schedules to sneak away for the night with the whole family:

I love these people so much!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Yoga Gifts

I used some of my Christmas presents today!

My messy bun hat:
(perfect for this frightfully cold day -40 degrees with the windchill)

My new large water bottle, new hot yoga towel, and head band:

We had a quiet class today with only 1 other person besides Conrad and me. It gave me a chance to snap an ofter hot yoga selfie:

and the messy bun hat came in handy after yoga too!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bargain Shopping Queen

Shopping Haul from today:

Men's Dress shoes = Retail Price: $70 Sale: $38
Large Fun Decorative Tree = Retail Price $25 Sale: $6
Medium Fun Decorative Tree = Retail Price $24 Sale: $5
Small Fun Decorative Tree = Retail Price $20 Sale: $4
Black King Sized sheet = Retail Price: $19.99 IKEA family promo today: $9.99
King Size Down Duvet = Retail Price: I've seen these all the way up to $200 and this one was in the clearance bin for $50

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day

We celebrated Christmas with Conrad's side of the family today at his brother's family's place. We brought some Paleo compliant baking items:

almond fudge added cashews on top

Technically, only a few of these treats are compliant for me and they aren't nearly as fun as my usual baking but these will do. 

My sister-in-law served many options for a compliant meal:

and the day finished with games:

I wish I would have snapped a photo with all of us together. When I looked back over photos from last Christmas I don't have a single photo of my Mom from our last gathering. I should I have snapped a few more from this gathering...

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

Kezia read the genealogy of Jesus: 

and then we passed out gifts. Kezia decorated her gifts to us so nicely:

Kaden was so happy with his hot sauce from Kiandra (bought in Australia):

Kezia got a bible from Hillsong in Australia:

Kiandra got the sweatshirt that she had pinned from Kaden:

Kezia bought Kaden a wooden bow tie from a Christmas market in Europe:

Kezia also bought us her new favourite game:

We kept our tradition to get the kids
something they want
something they need
something to wear
and something to read

want- An external hard drive (scored an awesome Black Friday deal)
need- She needed jeans but we bought her a gas gift card so she could use the money she would have used in gas towards jeans)
wear- This sweatshirt from Truth Ink with her theme verse from Capernwray

This year, Kezia asked for no gifts but instead wanted to donate money to an organization she learned about at Bible School. However, Conrad said that we should get her something to open and she said we could get her something if we wanted to ... but she still wanted to donate some money. So she opened:
want- this book with an envelope of money to donate
need- shower gel
wear- socks
read- a kobo (bought on sale) and something we knew she would get good use out of since our public library has ebooks to borrow without even going to an actual library.

and for Kaden:
want- This jersey

need- These shoes. He found them on a black Friday sale and I told them they were too expensive and then promptly bought them and shipped them to school so he'd be surprised. 

wear- A hockey t-shirt to wear on game nights as a host at the restaurant

Conrad did pretty awesome this year ...even without a list ;) I got a house coat:

He got a coffee maker with a timer:

He didn't even know this was on my list! The Tile!

and a smoothie cup, mortal and pestle (on my list forever!) and a messy bun hat! 

Conrad got a lined sweater and warm under clothing to keep him warm at work!

We think Kiandra had an allergic reaction to pistachios and so between her still feeling slightly under the weather and the benadryll for the allergic reaction, she spent most of the day in bed. She did join us for one game of Settlers:

but then we played a few others without her:

and no pictures but this was our family game this year.

What a perfectly relaxing Christmas Day...

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