Monday, August 7, 2017

Disneyland Paris!

When Kiandra and I first started talking about our trip together, we both thought Disneyland Paris was one of our "must-see" spots. Even though it does seem kind of funny to travel all the way to Europe and then stop at something we can see in North America, Kiandra and I were excited to go! We had planned on doing just one day at the park and then venturing back into Paris (Disneyland is kind of in a suburb of Paris) or possibly even taking a day trip into Brussels or Luxembourg. However, costs of the train tickets was considerably higher since we had not prebooked anything and logistics of getting back into Paris were a little more complicated since one of the rails was under construction AND Kiandra and I love Disney ;) We had tried to buy the "Buy 2 days, get 1 free" online deal last night but it just didn't work even when Conrad tried with 2 different credit cards. Kiandra and I decided that cost wise we would just do the 1 day and then do something else the remainder of our time. The online deal that I found was 147 Euro for the 3 days and said explicitly that it was not available at the gate AND must be purchased at least 1 day prior to your visit. Kiandra suggested that I ask at the gate, tell them our story about it not working yesterday, and see what they say. Even though I thought it would be impossible, I took Kiandra's fearless advice and asked. The clerk asked if we had found the deal online and started typing keys on his computer and then he offered us a 3 day visit for 91 Euro! He said we were not the first people to mention that they were having website issues. We took the deal and realized the deal he gave us was CHEAPer than what we had been prepared to pay for our 1 day visit. Kiandra is fearless. I would have never even asked because the website said the deal was not available at the gate. So glad I took Kiandra's advice! We're not sure if he gave us the deal to make up for the trouble we had but we were so thankful.

Posted gate ticket price:

Our ticket price:

Soon after we were off to the Parks! 

We started at Walt Disney Studios since it was only open until 8:00pm

Shadow ears:

We did the backlot tour:

The stunt show:

and I even rode this: 

in the Toy Story world

and this:

We went for lunch at 5 guys

and were proud of ourselves for thinking of splitting a large fries and buying (what we thought was) a bottomless drink....turns out it there was a sticker on the bottom so that you could only fill it once :(

After lunch we took this shots of the distances to the other Disney Parks...Kiandra has been to Orlando, Hong Kong, and now Paris. She only has Tokyo and Anaheim left...

After the Walt Disney Studios park had closed, we headed to the Disneyland park until 11:00. They had shows to hour their 25th birthday:

and, of course, we stayed until the end to watch the light show to end our day:

Even though websites said that you could easily do both Disneyland Paris parks in 1 day, we didn't nearly get through all of the things we wanted to see and were thankful to have 2 more days to visit!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

back to Paris

Crossed another thing off my Summer Bucket List:
Take a picture in front of the I amsterdam sign-check!

Then we hopped on our plane to head back to Paris for the last time. We took a shuttle to our Airbnb and then made our 2nd stop at Vapiano for lunch before checking in.

After we finally found our Airbnb (address not clearly marked which made it difficult) we walked (5 minutes) to the mall to get some groceries--and we changed because it was much nicer in Paris than Amsterdam:

Our Airbnb was so close to the Disney Parks that we could see the hot air balloon from Disney Village from the end of the street:

We decided to explore Disney Village this evening. 

We checked out the Lego store:

tried on some costumes:

and tried to narrow down which ears to buy. 

I like the embroidery on these ones:

but we both kind of liked the red ones:

The pink sparkly ones were fun:

and the silvery ones too:

but we finally decided to get the red ones:

Disney Village had so many things to check out:

including a little show to celebrate their 25th anniversary:

Kiandra and I are Disney girls and after wandering around we decided that we might want to take advantage of the "Buy 2 days, get 1 free day" promo and tried to buy it online but for some reason we couldn't get it to work. Conrad tried buying it too (since it has to be bought the day before) but he had the same issue too. I went to bed thinking we'd end up paying full price for our day at Disney tomorrow....

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