Sunday, December 25, 2016

So this is Christmas..

 Oil and Vinegars from Kiandra:

Camping socks from Kezia:

Matching coffee mugs from Kiandra-wrapped in the same bag and they pulled out each others!)

I think this picture is hilarious because Kiandra is just excited to give her gift to Kaden (gift cards to all the places around his high school) as he is to get it!
 hugs of thanks
 Again...Kiandra is just as excited to give her gifts (room accessories) to Kezia:
 Kezia and Kaden teamed up to give us this new waffle maker:

Again, we tried to stick to our 4 gift tradition:
something they want
something they need
something to wear
and something to read.

 Kezia's want was a "garbage bag gift" --too big to fit in our regular cloth bags:
 She was a little surprised to find a bedding set she had picked out this summer but I convinced her not to buy. I was able to have a friend buy it this fall and it was a big surprise:
 They were able to find the exact sheets, string of lights, and throw that Kezia wanted. Kezia had actually found the lights by accident in my dresser but she thought that was all. She didn't realize we had found all three things.

Her need was an external hard drive found on sale to keep all her Seven Sisters stuff.

Kezia's wear was a Jets shirt (something I never thought she'd want but they are allowed to wear it on game night at work and so it was a perfect gift...and I got a great deal on it!)

and her "read" was this devotional book.

Kiandra's want was also a "garbage bag gift" and was the set of car mats for her new car that she really wanted.

Her 'need' was a hot pink snow brush, hot pink snow scraper, and a hot pink cord to plug her car in:

Kiandra also got a Jets shirt as her 'wear' and it was the exact one she had looked at with a huge sparkly logo in the front.

Kiandra's read was a preorder for a book she had her eye on by Candace Cameron Bure's daughter Natasha Bure. It will arrive in March. 

Kaden's want was a gift card to the Jets store to put towards a Jersey.
His need/my need ;) is this alarm clock to get him out of bed in the mornings! It's designed for deaf people and has an attachment that goes under the mattress to vibrate the bed until he wakes up. It should be interesting to see if that works!

His "wear" gift was 2 parts because he also really needed a warmer winter coat (funny story...Maddy almost got the same one for Christmas too!)

 and this was a sneaky one that I had to be super sneaky to's a blazer that he tried on and liked and I went back to get it and sent him to another store while I bought it and hid it in the van after buying it. He was surprised to get it!

and his 'read' was this book.

 Conrad got a drill (actually opened and used already during our recent renovations)

a floor hockey bag:

and a year of massages!

 I got some amazing surprise gifts like these Ugg boots from Conrad:

and a bigger set of the markers that I love for journalling in my Bible:

The earrings on my wish list from Jolie Handmade Jewelry 

and Conrad picked out this great blanket scarf:

after gifts we had a cinnamon bun and fruit breakfast:

and then drove to Conrad's brother's place to celebrate with Conrad's side of the family. My sister-in-law put on an amazing spread of food!

We helped Conrad's parents with their shopping: Kaden got another card to put towards the jersey he wants:

Kiandra got an Old Navy card:

We brought "Lift It" (our new family game) to play

and finished the day with some pics of Conrad's parents:

and 7 of their grandkids:

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