Tuesday, December 27, 2016

She said yes to the dress!

Today we hit the stores to shop for grad dresses. It's hard to believe that Kezia's grad is just 6 months from yesterday.

Kezia didn't know exactly what she was looking for so she tried on lots of different styles including a few goofy ones that she humoured me with because she knew she wouldn't like them.

Store #1

This one REALLY caught her attention but she really didn't want to buy the second dress she tried on. It wasn't exactly what she was looking for but she did like it and tried it on two times. 

Store #2 was a bust...she didn't see anything that she wanted to try on.

At Store #3 she found 2 dresses that she wanted to try on and as soon as she came out in the first dress, you could tell that she loved it.

This was the second dress:

and then she put back on the first dress and wore it for a LONG time. She had Kiandra snap chat a few of their friends, we texted Conrad at work, and she just struggled to make a decision because the dress was a bit out of her price point. It is a stunning dress and even had a surprise feature:

Finally, she made a decision...she said yes to the dress! Not bad for a day's shopping. Three stops, 9 dresses tried on, and 1 winner!

Thankfully, I had prepped so much the day before that even with a full afternoon of shopping while Kaden was driving I was still able to have everything ready on time to host my side of the family over for our Christmas gathering. 

A full and productive day!

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