Thursday, December 1, 2016

not just a book

I am so blessed and lucky to work at my school. When I first started teaching here, I had the dream to one day see my first grade 1 class be the oldest students at the school. This was a big dream as I thought I would not have the opportunity to stay beyond my first year. Yet, here I am still here and now looking around my school knowing that, with the exception of kindergarten and new students, I have taught all of the kids in the school. It's a pretty cool feeling.

Today was our school's annual Fall book fair. Teachers can sign up for a book "wish list" so that families visiting the sale can pick out a little surprise for the teachers if they want. I returned from lunch today to find this book on my chair:

It was gifted to me by one of my first grade 1 students who is now in Grade 8. What a huge surprise that she would do that! I was feeling the love!  It's not just a book but a reminder that I am remembered long after a student is in my classroom.  I am blessed and lucky.

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